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Trekking in Tibet.

trekking in TibetThe trekkers and adventurers from all over the world regard Tibet as an ultimate adventure travel destination for its unlimited Tibet trekking options. Undeniably, World Records Expedition offer most insightful, enriching and fascinating experience as you walk up a broad valley of barley, rich yak pastures, picturesque flower-carpeted valleys, deep gorges, rugged high altitude deserts, successions of glacier-topped mountains and highly glaciated mountain passes.Treks in Tibet not only introduce you to its Himalayan peaks, monasteries and culture but also equally educates you on its distinctive flora and fauna, and chances to interact with Tibetan Nomads is another incomparable enjoyment of trekking in Tibet. Wherever you chose to trek in Tibet you are certain to witness rich & exotic species like Himalayan black bear, giant Tibetan brown bear, snow leopards and so many other exotic species which you have never seen before.

Major Trekking in Tibet.
Everest Expedition North Col Everest Trekking in Tibet
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 14 Days
Season: Spring/Autumn

Mt. Everest, called Mount Qumulangma in Tibetan Language, is the highest peak of the Earth and probably the most coveted mountain in adventurous travelers’ eyes. Journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp is a both physical as well as psychological challenge to you

Namtso Lake Trekking

Namtso Lake Trekking.
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 15 Days
Season: Spring/Autumn

Nam Tso Lake , situated 190 km north of Lhasa is one of the most famous lakes in Tibet. In Tibetan language, "Nam" means Sky and "Tso" means Lake, and it is one of the famous pilgrimage lakes in Tibet. Also, Nam Tso Lake is the sanctuary of many

Ganden Samye Trekking

Ganden Samye Trekking.
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 12 Days
Season: Spring/Autumn

Ganden is situated 45 km East of Lhasa on the Highway which follows the south bank of the Kyi Chu to Medro Gongkar. This is one of the most beautiful trekking sites in central Tibet and is considered as an abode of Champa, the future Buddha. Ganden monastery is perched on a ridge...




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