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Now-a-days world business prospect is converting into responsible business practices either a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or a form of socially responsible approaches. Several business organizations and companies are committed towards the responsible business practices. We, the WWTN an organized and experienced adventure travel and expeditions company is operating service oriented business which is directly related with socio-economy, socio-culture, nature and environment. We are very much concerned of its impacts on environment, local communities, life standard of people involved. Therefore, we are more committed towards socially responsible business practices, which we believe, contribute the current peace building process of Nepal as well as social transformation. Considering this fact, we are already involved in Social Welfare Program benefiting stakeholder, employees and community people and supporting development projects in association with various welfare groups and organizations. Our team members are involved in various social development organizations and having extensive knowledge and experiences in the field of developmental works to ensure standardization of people’s life in the marginalized communities.


We are committed to Cape Town 2002 declaration on “Responsible Tourism” in order to establish the responsible tourism business practices in Nepal. We, therefore, confirm our commitment on:

  • Standardize the socio-economic status of our employees and community people where we work.
  • Better the education and health situation of the children from hilly and mountainous region.
  • Operation of environment friendly tourism business activities
  • Provide high quality standard tourism services to our clients and customers.
  • Transparent and anticorruption business practices.
  • Work for natural conservation, cultural sensitive, respect between tourists and local community and builds local pride and confidence.
  • Contribute to social welfare program.

We are hopeful that our initiation and support will help to establish socially responsible tourism business practices that create the better opportunities to develop the economic growth of the countries like Nepal.


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