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Trekking Equipment List



  • Running or tennis shoes. 1 pair for casual wear on lighter walking days.
  • Light hiking boots. 1 pair
  • Hiking Gaiters (Optional). 1 pair.
  • Wool or Synthetic Socks. 3 pair heavyweight wool or synthetic socks.
  • Liner Socks. 3 pair of smooth thin wool, nylon or Capilene to be worn next to the skin.


  • Lightweight Long Underwear. 2 pair, tops & bottoms, Capilene, other synthetic or wool. No Cotton.
  • Light trekking pants.
  • T-shirts.
  • Bandana. Bring 2 or more bandanas for face masks and other tasks.
  • Synthetic/Soft Shell jacket. A full-zip.
  • Insulated Synthetic Pants. Optional Full separating side zippers.
  • Insulated Down jacket. Medium to heavy weight with hood. Hard Shell jacket w/ hood. Hard Shell Pants. Waterproof, breathable. Any side zipper



  • Fleece/Soft Shell gloves. 1 pair.
  • Shell Gloves w/insulation. 1 pair. Insulation does not need to be removable. A good quality ski glove is sufficient.



  • Headlamp, spare bulbs and batteries. A good quality climbers headlamp.
  • Sun hat. The sun can be intense at high altitude. A hat with a good visor provides protection for the nose and eyes.
  • Baseball hats work well.
  • Wool/synthetic ski hat. 1 lightweight.
  • Neck Gaiter or Buff.
  • Glacier glasses. 100% UV, IR, high quality optical lenses designed for mountain use.


Personal Equipment

  • Sleeping bag. High quality with hood to at least -100F, -200F.
  • Self Inflating pad. 1, 3/4 or full length w/repair kit.
  • Backpack. A day pack big enough to carry water bottles, camera, lunch and extra clothing. 3,000 max.
  • Adjustable 3 section Ski/Trekking Poles. Optional
  • Water Bottles: 2 to 3 Wide mouth bottles with minimum 1 Litre capacity per bottle
  • Pee Bottle. Optional,
  • Pee Funnel for women. Optional
  • Sunscreen. SPF 30 or better, 2 small tubes.
  • Hand/Foot Warmers. Optional
  • MP3 Player.


  • Large duffle bag w/ travel locks. 1 or 2 for transporting and storing gear.
  • Plastic bags (5). For lining stuff sacks & pack to keep gear dry.
  • Travel clothes. You will need street/casual clothing for air travel days and time spent in the city.
  • Toiletry bag.


First Aid

  • Personal first aid kit (small and simple). Aspirin, Moleskin, Adhesive tape, Band-Aids.
  • Drugs/Medications/Prescriptions. Climbers should bring Mupirocin (Bactroban) cream, excellent topical antibiotic for
  • scrapes and cuts. Cirprofloxin (Cipro) 500mg tablets for traveler’s diarrhea and for urinary tract infections. Loperamide (Lomotil) or Immodium for diarrhea. Acetazolamide (Diamox) 125 or 250mg tablets for alltitude sickness.
  • Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) 200mg tablets for altitude headaches, sprains, aches, etc. Excedrin for headaches.
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 325mg tablets for stomach sensitivity.

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